Thought train: High on the mountain

Woke up way early, sweating like a beast. For a couple of minutes I just laid there, staring up at the timber cross-beams, while my friend next to me turns and softly starts to snore again. Sounds like a bulldog eating oatmeal.
I can’t sleep, I guess it’s one of those nights. I toss and turn for a while, all for no good.
So I simply put on my boots and started walking. Doesn’t really matter where. Anyplace is better, as long as I get away from all those gnarly gnats.
Filthy devil spawn.
My feet took me to the massive waterfall where I’d go many times as a kid.
The white water raged around me as I leaped among rocks and cliffs. Fell down once or twice, perhaps I’m not as agile as I remember, but that’s nothing a pair of blue jeans can’t handle.
My feet felt light in the mountain air, while my thoughts flowed like dark clouds, each with a silver lining. Every step somehow made me feel younger, reminding me of a simpler time, putting a smile on my tired face.
I sat down on my favorite boulder in the middle of the waterfall, the mist felt cool on my skin, the crashing water around me somehow soothing. Closing my eyes, just taking it all in. Life felt pretty good.
Suddenly I heard light tweeting. I looked up only to see this poofy little bird close to me. Very round and quite pretty, it waddled from side to side, preforming a funky little dance.
Birds like me I guess, which is funny because I’m still single.
Soon it lost interest and took flight, while I remained.
Time often does fly by. While it feels like we remain as we are, everything is different once we look back.
Life is pretty scary sometimes, there is just so much uncertainty. But I’ll take it as it comes, I’ll play it by ear. For when life gets hard and I feel lonely, I can still hear the song of that mountain bird