Story time: Prime suspect

Throwback to my bike trip
Last night had been raining quite intensely. Sleep was about as elusive as my prom date during the midnight-dance. So I woke up at 5am, put on my cold wet socks and put them in my cold wet shoes. Fantastic.
Was meeting up with some ol’ military friends in Halmstad, however time was running out, just like my will to live.
I arrived at the train station, smelling terrific, and caught a ride for the last 40min. Everything was going just peachy until the train-conductor started making a scene. Soon enough he comes rushing out, sweating like a beast while carrying an old dufflebag. Cradling it like a baby, he then proceeds to rips out two bags full of kush.
I’m not talking about your around the block bag of Snickers, but straight up family packs.
Immediately things start to get quite uncomfortable in my section of the train. Slowly I lift my gaze from the discarded bag, me and my three fellow passengers eyeing each other cautiously.
The situation was such that the three of us were the only suspects, since the drugs were found in our aisle. Stuck with a farmer, an engineer and an industrial worker judging by their apparel.
And then there is me. Looking like a hobo and smelling like ten of them, about to flee the country and carrying a freak-ton of bags.
Surely I was not the main suspect..
So when I stepped of the train I was met by this Tom Cruise lookin‘ guy in a bomber jacket, flashing his badge as I approached and firmly asking me to come along with him.

As he was scanning my ID card, sooo many stupid jokes came to mind that I was just dying to say, like ”So, do you come here often?” or ”Dude, nice butt cheeks man, workout a lot?”.
However, I muffled my inner idiot and kept silent. Soon enough he grumbles something and hands me my ID back. As I walk away I see a whole armed police task force (4 of them) waiting around the corner.
I’m glad that at least someone can tell that I’ve been working out